The 6 Stages of Resignation

Hi All, Recently I decided to resign from my job. Why? Because I feel I want a better work life balance in my life. It appears, as long as I’m working in IT at Singapore, it’s a hard goal to reach. I want to be closer with my son, who is still in Jakarta with his grandparents. I have tried, really I have, to finish my work before six, to see whether it is possible to pick him up daily in the infant care. But it is just not possible. The nature of my work is too demanding. I don’t think I can successfully pick him up everyday at 7pm after work. Leaving him at home with a maid is a big no no for me. I have seen several of my friends leaving their babies with their maids. Some of those babies got delayed speech problems, are underweight, and we really don’t know what is the maid doing all day with the baby. So, after some annoying pressure from my boss to give in MORE to the office, I decided to become a full time housewife, so I can take care of my son, and to work more on All this time the office is taking so much of my energy and time. I just feel like I have had enough. Interestingly I have had a roller coaster of emotions after I decided to resign.

1. Exhilarated

Frank Lampard beritaliga2

It felt so great to finally tell the boss I’m quitting!! After so much pressure and oppression, not to mention a very lousy team mate, a lousy documentation, and a lousy deadline where everyone expects you to finish in a breeze. I cannot take it anymore. I felt free, empowered, happy, the master of my own fate. Take that!! I don’t really care anymore what is going on with the system. I am a human being, I don’t live to work, I work to live. Get real man.

2. Fear

Fear 2

After sometime, I wondered whether I am making the right decision, am I stupid? I’m losing my monthly salary here, I’m already paid quite well, in the middle executive range, and when I see a poor elderly woman on the street, it makes me think whether I will become her someday. Living in Singapore is hard, it’s the one of the most expensive city in the world for Expats according to Mercer. 


3. Relief


After talking to my other team members, I concluded that my decision to resign is the best decision. The company is running well lately, there are less bonuses for everyone, more pressure to do overtime, and the boss and clients are just unappreciative to our work. There must be a better place in life. If ever in the future, necessity deems I would need to work again, I will NEVER work in a vendor environment again.


4. Coping

After some thinking, my husband and I decided to rent our spare room in the flat. So at least I can have some steady pocket for my own. I also think this is my chance to sharpen myself technically by working more on

5. Sad

Phplk hhz resized

I’m feeling a bit sad leaving the workforce. With all the glamour being a working woman. Somehow people look up into you more when you’re actually working. You feel smarter, and more worthy. But this is a decision I want to make. We are planning to go back to our own county. It is better to start working on the exit plan from Singapore.  

6. Optimism

Twilight sky

I believe things will be just fine. My husband is still working. We have enough savings and assets after working so many years. If we manage them prudently we will be just fine.   

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2 thoughts on “The 6 Stages of Resignation

  1. Out of curiosity, would telecommuting and flexitime (i.e., flexible hours) have made a difference as to whether you would have stayed with the company?

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