How to Get Google’s Productivity in Your Office

Good Morning, Lately, I have been assigned for 7 weeks by my office to work at the client side, Digital Boomerang. I found the atmosphere there, much better than my office. In terms of employee happiness and productivity. So far their business has been expanding rapidly for the last six years. From a small start up company to a company of three dozen peoples. Still a small company but it is still great progress when you count on how many start ups die in their first years. Perhaps I can sum up the experience as a Google like experience. Here are a few items I would like to share:

1. Have morning breakfast meetings with your staffs. I see the meeting actually binds the people together, as they share meals, the boss is actually trying to make his employees to come to the office on time. Employees are told to rank themselves in terms of happiness in scale of 1 to 10, and explain themselves why they scale themselves that way. I see it as a way of sharing and bonding, so the work environment is a more friendly place. Where people respect other people more.


2. Give them the freedom to browse, play music, take a rest in the public area and to wear casual clothing. It might seems counter productive, but believe me, if you have an office environment which gives people such a freedom, they are going to fight to keep themselves there. I do see them occasionally browse, but their work is mostly done.

3. Let them bring their pets, or bring your own dog. As long as the animal behaves, it can be a source of joy when the mind is tired of working. They have a corgy dog there. When people are bored or tired, they will play with the dog for a while, then start their work again. It is such an adorable creature, which just vapour your stress out.

4. Be a nice boss and share treats or snacks. Let them know you’re the boss, the alpha of the pack.

Assorted candies

5. Hard to hire, easy to fire. When you give so much freedom to a person, you better be sure the person is a responsible and talented person. This might seems harsh. But most people there are either freelancers, interns or contract employees. Only some are permanent employees. Some which you really know you can count on.

442438 unemployed people queue in london

6. Be a friend and a boss. Run the company as you like, but remember to always explain with your employees on the decisions you make. Such as the considerations you take when firing a person, or when dealing with a client. This way you also mentor them as more competent employees as your business grow.

800px US Army 52782 Mentoring the next generation

7. Have a bright mood lifting environment. They decorate the office with ikea furnitures, doodles and cartoons made by the employees. It really puts the human touch to an office. I like the place more than my own office!

8. Don’t worry too much about the salary, but please make sure you pay them at a decent rate.


Aireen Deviani

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